A Busy Woman Testimonials

  • Tom Dain, Contractor

    I would like to take the time to express my gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful work you do every day for every event that comes off amazingly well  and on time. You hit the high note in regards to all aspects of the event like a master juggler, you manage to stay calm through it all which telegraphs through to your clients.

  • Mary and Gary Becker, Community Members, Philanthropists

    Thanks to Judi Weisbart/A BUSY WOMAN Consulting, our 50th Wedding Anniversary could not have been more special and memorable.  Judi partnered with us in planning the event and she took care of all the details.  We recommend her most highly.

  • Susan Rose, Former County Supervisor, Political Activist and Philanthropist

    Judi is a good communicator and worked well with all the vendors, guests, and our family members. All aspects were timely and well managed. Her artistic eye made the events creative and beautiful. A joyful time was had by all! I would be delighted to work with her again.

  • Sara Miller McCune, Founder & Chair of SAGE Publications

    I am certainly planning to use Judi on some other events and celebrations in the coming months and I certainly can’t think of another events planner that I would rather have host my events.

  • Dr. Sue Colin, Psychologist & Philanthropist

    I loved my birthday celebration especially Judi’s necklace idea which was a great gift. I get raves when I wear it and when I tell them about it they wish they had a necklace from their friends and the ceremony that surrounded it too.

  • Ken Richardson, Former President, Hughes Aircraft Company

    Judi is very experienced and well-informed.  Working with her was a pleasure: each conceptual idea was brought to reality and carried out with excellence.  Communication was comprehensive, and there always was a personal friendliness without dispute. This event has been cited as one of the best ever experienced art the club.

  • Natalie Myerson, Community Leader

    It is my pleasure to recommend Judi Weisbart for an event occasion.  My experience with her efforts was 100% satisfactory.  She attended to every detail with quite efficiency, I was relieved of all cumbersome decisions and was indebted to her efficiency.

  • Congresswoman Lois Capps (D) California

    Judi’s passion for positive social change is paramount in her ability to motivate and focus her audience. She is warm and conveys a sense of caring even when she talks about business.

  • Jack Canfield, Author , Chicken Soup for the Soul

    Judi makes a difference in so many lives by delivering inspirational and powerful messages of self-sufficiency and organizational empowerment. I greatly admire and respect her and her work. 

  • Gail K., Community Participant

    You did such a wonderful job organizing the Chaim Potok weekend of events, I wanted to personally thank you. We participated in Sunday’s which were wonderful. I know you put a huge amount of effort into the event, it would never have gone so well otherwise.

  • Chris P., Development Director, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

    I want to thank you for the exceptional job you did on the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation’s 16th annual Evening of Peace. The event was by all accounts a huge success, and many people felt it was the best dinner ever, thanks in no small measure to your participation…

  • Loni C., Event Manager, Ohno Institute

    I want to thank you for your tremendous contribution in acting as our facilitator. You demonstrated the perfect balance of keeping the planning meeting on track with your professionalism, sincerity, humor, and your polite but effective firmness when the situation called for it. Quite honestly, I don’t know what we would have done without you!

  • Geane DeLima , Executive Director, Miller-McCune Center for Research, Media, and Public Policy, home of Pacific Standard

    Judi is the person every organization wish they had – energetic, passionate, influential professional who knows how to connect the dots and make things happen. Efficient and resourceful, she has helped us strengthen our mission, pursue grants, assess potential partnerships, and create the memorable and successful events attended by the movers and shakers in town.

  • Erik Talkin, Executive Director, FoodBank of Santa Barbara County

    Judi is that rare consultant who operates from a passion for the missions of the organizations she works with. This is matched by a passion for the power of community to lift up those who nonprofits serve and those who fund them. From this community comes the kind of long-term support that organizations need to thrive.

  • David Landecker, Executive Director, Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics

    The response to the event was over whelming. Not only did it raise more money than ever before, I think we really touched people, and gave them a return for their investment of feeling good about our organization, which is really the point of the event! You were terrific, set the right tone, balancing humor and compassion.

  • Fernand Sarrat, President, Community Collaborative Coalition

    Judi is an outstanding individual in many respects. She can organize and execute substantive events: In Santa Barbara she ran a moderated town hall meeting of 400 people with outstanding results. She was an excellent adviser to the Collaborative Communities Foundation across many functional areas: fund raising, volunteer management and more. She is a highly accomplished artist and one of the most delightful personalities one will ever meet.

  • Kristine Schwarz, Executive Director, New Beginnings Counseling Center

    Judi is an invaluable asset to any organization smart enough to retain her services. Her breadth of knowledge, incomparable experience, and good humor are rivaled only by the passion and dedication she brings to the cause. Unflappable in any crisis and always ready with a solution, she is an advocate, a guardian, and a true delight to work with.

  • Susan Plummer, Executive Director, Alliance for Living and Dying Well

    While Judi Weisbart’s dynamic and efficient organizational skills are something to behold, it is her capacity to infuse an event with the essence of the mission of the organization, agency or person being celebrated or communicated that is her true, and unusual gift.  For our organization, she quickly captured how, in ritual, what we wished to convey, was made visible and enlivened, and now continues to live in our future events.  Judi has a keen and heart-felt sense of what brings community together, touches us, and inspires us to continue to work together on behalf of the greater whole.

  • Nancy Leffert, PhD., President, Antioch University Santa Barbara

    Judi Weisbart is a consummate professional as well as being the kind of person who you immediately think of as a “friend”. She cares deeply for the work she undertakes and throws herself wholeheartedly into it. She is truly a joy to work with and she has a unique ability to make connections in the community. Those connections enhance her clients’ interests by the way she is able to “match” people and advance their vision.

  • Jarrod Schwartz, Executive Director, JUST Communities

    Judi is not only a skilled event planner who can hold and manage all of the details.  She is an artist who inspires those around her to tap into their full passion and creativity.  She helps create events that are as fun to put on, as they are to attend. Most importantly, she empowers those working with her with the knowledge that the work they are doing not only benefits the organization’s bottom line, it embodies the mission.

  • Hava Manasse, Development Director, Human Rights Watch, Los Angeles

    Judi’s knowledge of the Santa Barbara Community is unparalleled. She has been a tremendous asset to Human Rights Watch’s team of volunteers in Santa Barbara, and has helped us take our fundraising and outreach efforts to a new level. Judi’s passion, enthusiasm, and incredible energy shine through in everything she does.

  • Adele Rosen, Chairperson, Anne Frank in the World Committee

    Words can not express my deepest appreciation for the many, many months of work you have spent working on Anne Frank in the World 1929 – 1945 exhibit. You have given our community a chance to pull together as one regardless of race, religion or politics. It is because of your leadership and your personally selected committee that we were a success. There has never been an event as well publicized as this one. We are deeply indebted to you.